Can We Trust the Gospels? – Ch 8: Who Would Make All This Up?

This is a chapter summary of Peter J Williams, “Can We Trust the Gospels?”.  For the book overview and chapter summary links, click here.

In the last chapter, Williams asks the big question – who would make all of the Gospels up? 

While there are many complex possible reasons to argue for the Gospels possibly being made up, Williams argues that the simplest answer is just that they are true.

Williams then explores the idea of miracles. To non-believers, miracles are impossible. Therefore, to them, an explanation that does not involve ‘impossible’ miracles must be correct. However, Christians are not believing in ‘random’ miracles, but miracles that follow a pattern. To Christians, the same difficulty in accepting a certain ‘impossibility’ can be explored when thinking about the creation of the universe and humans via the Big Bang and evolution. 

In conclusion, Williams rounds out by repeating his stance throughout the book, that while each individual event or occurrence can be explained away, the simplest supposition is that all of those events happened because of Jesus. The Gospels, therefore, are just that which record the reason for those events. If we believe the Gospels, then the logical action is to do what is repeated in all the Gospels, when Jesus said, “Follow me”.

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