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Ronald JJ Wong

I am an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

I believe that lawyering is about serving people to bring about justice, well-being and peace.

I practise at Covenant Chambers LLC, formerly commencing my legal career at one of the Big Four firms, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP, in commercial litigation & arbitration, advising and representing institutional and individual clients in a broad range of disputes from multi-million dollar investment claims to employment disputes.

I also enjoy a corporate business advisory practice on various areas including technology law, employment law, startups, investments & financing, regulatory advice, financial services, corporate transactions and acquisitions, and ICOs and blockchain.

I volunteer pro bono with HealthServe (representing migrant workers; researching and engaging on human trafficking issues), various legal clinics, LAB and CLAS. I advocate for social justice in various platforms, and frequently author academic and thought papers, some of which have been published in various journals.

In my other roles, I try to pioneer movements, build communities, provoke novel ideas, mobilise people, and create culture.

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Law Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation & International Arbitration
  • Technology Law, ICOs and Blockchain
  • Employment Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investments & Financing
  • Regulatory Advice, Deals and Commercial Agreements
  • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • Shareholders’ and Directors’ Disputes
  • Private Wealth: Trusts, Estates & Probate
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Migrant Justice

Education & Qualifications

  • National University of Singapore LL.B. (Hons)
  • Raffles Junior College
  • Raffles Institution
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Internal Auditor Training Course
  • ISO 31000 Risk Based Thinking Awareness Training Course

Positions & Awards

Media Mentions

Selected LEGAL Cases & Experience

  1. Advised and successfully acted for an investment fund manager and a large global bank in a claim against a foreign guarantor for sums in excess of US$50 million due under a cross-border syndicated loan agreement. The claim involved the determination of novel conflicts of laws issues regarding the law governing capacity to contract, and a stay of proceedings on grounds of forum non conveniens.
  2. Advised and acted for a former senior management employee of a multi-national corporation on a wrongful termination claim. Claim involved medical-related issues.
  3. Advised and acted for Singapore-regulated fund management company in defending a claim in misrepresentation, breach of contract and conspiracy.
  4. Advised and acted for reputed wine merchant in claim in conversion, detinue, unjust enrichment.
  5. Advised a major East Asian bank in relation to requests from Singapore tax authorities for confidential customer banking information pursuant to exchange of information requests from a foreign country under a bilateral tax treaty.
  6. Advised a foreign investor on suspected money laundering activities in relation to, and suspected misappropriation of, a multi-million dollar investment in a fund. Advised investor on potential breaches of regulatory obligations and duties by the Singapore-licensed fund manager imposed by statute and regulations issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  7. Advised a large global bank on rights and obligations regarding investment management discretionary accounts.
  8. Advised a large global bank on a potential dispute with a South-East Asian bank and a trading company relating to purported non-compliant presentation of documents in respect of a letter of credit.
  9. Advised a multi-national corporation on its rights and obligations in respect of arbitration under International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules and litigation in a foreign jurisdiction relating to franchise agreements.
  10. Advised and acted for a global company in the offshore oil and gas industry in a multi-million dollar claim regarding a multi-million dollar dispute in relation to an Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction (“EPIC”) contract.
  11. Advised a global company in the offshore oil and gas industry on the review and drafting of a joint venture tender contract.
  12. Advised a company in the offshore industry in a dispute relating to breaches of charterparty and arbitration under London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) rules.
  13. Advised and acted for a bank in a claim for monies under a cross-collateralised facility agreement and possession of mortgaged property.
  14. Advised and acted for a company in the offshore industry in a dispute involving a multi-million dollar EPCIC contract; acted for the same in an application for an urgent ex-parte injunction to restrain the call on a performance bond.
  15. Assisted in representing a hydraulic engineering company in an SIAC arbitration in a dispute involving a contract for the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of hydraulic systems for a landmark local attraction.
  16. Advised and acted for companies in a dispute involving a proprietary claim regarding a trust over shares.
  17. Advised and acted for a company and a shareholder-director in resisting a minority oppression claim involving a company which business is in hotel development and operation and allegations concerning funds amounting to up to $40 million.
  18. Advised and acted for a company on breaches of confidentiality obligations, non-compete restraint of trade covenants, and directors’ and fiduciary duties by a former director and employee.
  19. Advised high net worth foreign private clients on complex trust structures, wealth management and novel personal property issues.
  20. Advised private high net worth client on review and drafting of trust deed and letter of wishes.
  21. Advised and acted for liquidators of companies in various issues regarding winding-up proceedings, claims against former directors for breaches of directors’ and fiduciary duties, and discharge of liquidators.
  22. Advised an insurer on various potential claims involving a reverse mortgage facility agreement and mental capacity of a customer.
  23. Assisted in representing a medical doctor in an appeal relating to professional disciplinary proceedings involving novel issues of innovative medical treatment.
  24. Advised and acted for a property developer in a claim arising from breaches of contract and misrepresentation in relation to the sale of a property, and losses incurred due to consequent delays to redevelopment plans.
  25. Advised and acted for minority shareholders in an action for leave to bring a statutory derivative action against the directors of the company for breaches of statutory and fiduciary duties involving hotels and multi-million dollar sums of moneys. Acted for the company in the resulting derivative action against a director of the company for breaches of statutory and fiduciary duties, pursuant to leave granted by the High Court.
  26. Advised and acted for a shareholder director in an appeal to the Court of Appeal relating to the grant of leave to commence a statutory derivative action involving purported breaches of directors’ duties, tort of passing off, violation of intellectual property rights, and usurpation of corporate opportunities.
  27. Advised a multi-national company on employment law & practice and application for work permits.
  28. Advised a former senior management employee of a multi-national corporation on claims for salary and bonuses.
  29. Advised a director, shareholder and employee on rights and duties relating to directorship and statutory and regulatory issues.
  30. Acted for an individual in a matrimonial dispute to resist an application for a stay of local proceedings on the grounds of forum non conveniens and to apply for an anti-suit injunction restraining foreign divorce proceedings.
  31. Advised an individual on a dispute relating to the vitiation of a conveyance of property interest by way of gift involving fraudulent misrepresentation and undue influence.
  32. Acted for an accused person charged for criminal breach of trust under the Penal Code.
  33. Acted for an accused person charged for voluntarily causing grievous hurt under the Penal Code.
  34. Acted for an accused person charged for outrage of modesty under the Penal Code.
  35. Acted for an accused person charged for offences under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.
  36. Advised and drafted wills and trust deeds for various individuals.
  37. Advised a professional association on restructuring its corporate legal structure from society to company and drafting its corporate constitution.
  38. Advised an international professional association on, and led, an internal disciplinary inquiry into a whistleblower complaint.
  39. Advised a professional association on the review and drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding and commercial agreements with a statutory regulatory body.
  40. Advised international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) on structuring their corporate presence in Singapore and other related legal issues.
  41. Advised a charity on setting up a new legal structure in collaboration with a third party organisation; advised on its corporate constitution and reviewing and drafting a Board committee terms of reference; advised on charity governance issues.
  42. Advised a professional association on conducting its Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  43. Advised an international financial institution on employment issues involving termination, bonuses and drafting of relevant documents.
  44. Acted for an employee in an appeal to the High Court against a labour court (Commissioner of Labour) order in respect of salary claims under the Employment Act.
  45. Acted for food importers and distributors in respect of a Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) charge under section 47 of the Competition Act. Drafted competition law compliance policy for company.
  46. Advised a wine business on corporate legal issues and drafting of website terms of use, privacy policy and terms of purchase.
  47. Advised an interior design firm on the drafting of premises sharing agreement and design consultancy agreements.
  48. Advised a shareholder on the sale and purchase of shares and private acquisition of businesses.
  49. Advised a multi-national company on employment law issues including salary increment and potential trade dispute with a trade union.
  50. Advised a venue operator managing a large-scale sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub on a review and drafting of quality policies and procedures for their Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015; and risk assessment review in accordance with ISO 31000.
  51. Advised an individual on divorce proceedings and related matters.
  52. Advised a founder of a tech startup on the drafting of a convertible loan agreement.
  53. Acted for a property owner on a claim against a neighbour in the tort of nuisance in respect of water leakage.
  54. Advised an individual on an appeal regarding waiver of National Service obligations pending citizenship renunciation.
  55. Advised a high level executive of a multi-national corporation in the shipping industry on severance and retrenchment from employment.
  56. Acted for a creditor claiming for return of unpaid debts.
  57. Acted for a steel trading company operating in Myanmar in claiming against a steel pipe supplier regarding a breach of contract.
  58. Advised a multi-national financial consultancy firm on employment, shareholder, directorship and intellectual property issues regarding the removal of a local managing director.
  59. Acted for a company regarding breach of contract in respect of information technology services.
  60. Acted for an industrial safety company in a claim against a storage company for breach of contract, tort and breach of bailee’s duties.
  61. Acted for a high net worth individual in resisting maintenance enforcement proceedings.
  62. Advised an alumni association on the review and amendment of society constitution.
  63. Advised a company and founder on insolvency and bankruptcy matters.
  64. Advised a shareholder director on various issues regarding an exit from a group of companies.
  65. Advised and represented business owner and society member on defamation and claim for unpaid loans / debts.
  66. Advised and represented property owners regarding claims for liquidated damages for delay in giving vacant possession and completion of sale and purchase of property.
  67. Advised and represented Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) in claim against property developer.
  68. Advised commodities import and distribution company on re-structuring of debts and managing creditors’ claims.
  69. Advised and represented leading home appliances company regarding intellectual property, trade mark dispute, distributorship agreement.
  70. Advised and represented food import and distribution company on drafting of contracts and terms and conditions for sale and purchase of food products.
  71. Advised and represented technology, software and services provider for professional construction industry on drafting of construction work agreements.
  72. Advised and represented construction company in claims for breach of contract.
  73. Advised and represented in an application for deputyship under the Mental Capacity Act in respect of a special needs individuals.
  74. Advised and represented in an application for adoption of an infant.
  75. Advised and represented individual in relation to defending a trade mark infringement claim by large multi-national corporation.
  76. Advised multi-national corporation on tax and foreign employment legal issues.
  77. Advised medical technology startup on various legal issues.
  78. Advised payment processing, e-wallet and entertainment listing startup on various legal issues.
  79. Advised tech startup in drafting a convertible loan agreement for bridging funding.
  80. Advised tech startup in reviewing privacy policy, terms of use and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) issues.
  81. Advised technology startup in drafting intellectual property and source code licence agreement and Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement.
  82. Advised medical and asset management technology startup on drafting of founders / shareholders agreement and sale and purchase of shares, confidentiality and assignment of intellectual property rights.
  83. Advised payment processing and e-wallet startup on MAS regulations and legal issues concerning stored value facility, money-changing and remittance business, and anti-money laundering.
  84. Advised on drafting of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and alternative coins) trading services agreement.
  85. Advised on cryptocurrency crowdfunding, initial coin offering (ICO) and token sale, including drafting and review of token sale agreement and white paper.
  86. Advised startup on series investment funding including drafting of investment and shareholders agreements.
  87. Advised technology company on drafting of franchise agreement for regional technology franchises.

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