6 Ways Businesses Can Maximise Their Downtime During COVID-19 Season

By Ronald JJ Wong and Nee Yingxin

If your business is experiencing a slow-down because of Circuit Breaker and social distancing measures during this COVID-19 season 19, now is the best time to repair legal foundations, review internal systems, and position your business for when things pick up again.

Here are 6 key areas you should review.

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Legislation Update: COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020

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If your business has been affected by COVID-19, consider if you may seek temporary relief under the new law or object to another party relying on such relief.

First, determine if your contract falls within the Scheduled Contracts.

Second, analyse or get legal advice on whether the inability to perform obligations is to a material extent due to a COVID-19 event.

Third, if you are the defaulting party, serve a notification for relief. If you are the non-defaulting party, consider whether to apply to the assessor for determination if such relief is entitled.

Fourth, if you have ongoing legal proceedings or action or arbitral proceedings, consider if you are barred from continuing further steps.

If your organization requires the conduct of meetings e.g. Annual General Meetings, take note of alternative arrangements for the conduct of meetings which would be compliant with circuit breaker and other measures.

If you are a property owner or tenant, consider if you may be required or entitled to pass or receive the benefits of property tax reductions.

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Whisper in the Dark: Jesus is Risen

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For many Christians, this is probably the first Easter where we will not celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in a packed church building with celebratory pomp and music due to Covid-19. Yet, if Jesus is risen, how can we truly experience this reality? What if the resurrection of Jesus is experienced in our lives not as a blaze of glory but a candle flame in the dark?

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