Survey on social justice and local churches

For the writing of The Justice Demand, I conducted an empirical survey of 117 respondents on their attitudes and views about various issues including social justice and their local churches. I set out here the responses on views about social justice in the form of pie charts.

The key findings are as follows:

1. 19% of the respondents do not think that their church leaders understand social justice.

2. 45% of the respondents think that their church is not doing enough regarding social justice.

3. 56% of respondents think that the majority of their church congregation do not understand social justice.

4. 34% only slightly agree that the majority of their church congregation do understand social justice.

5. 44% of the respondents’ local churches have not had any sermon, workshop, discussion or ministry on social justice.

I elaborate further on these findings and the inferences and lessons I draw from them in The Justice Demand (forthcoming in 2016)SJchart1 SJchart2 SJchart3 SJchart4 SJchart5 SJchart6 SJchart7

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