Original Song: Kingfisher lyrics

In an uncertain time of lockdowns, social disconnection, virus contagion, and economic troubles, to live at all is a daunting challenge. To give life and raise a child in such times is a frightful responsibility. This song is a love letter from me as a parent to my firstborn child to not only survive, but to thrive, by living courageously on the power of hope, faith, and love. 

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“Kingfisher” Lyrics

Music & lyrics by Ronald JJ Wong

Featuring Ethel Yap on backing vocals

Mixed by Wong Jian Liang and Wong Jian Ming of Aeonix

Mastered by James Lye of Maker Records

Distributed by Maker Records

Dedicated to my firstborn and all the children who have to grow up in these parlous and terrifying times. 


1 Will you be a caged bird with a fearful trill 

Or one who dares to claim the sky? 

Your nest cupped in firm hands of a mighty tree

Or float on seas of longing sighs? 


2 And still everyone sings to a different tune

So wait and hold fast to your song 

You’ll light every grey cloud with your brilliant plume 

Implore your name, they’ll come along 


Above the valleys you will soar higher 

See through the prism of the sun 

May you be fashioned in love’s pure fire 

Lead the tribes into royal dance 


Hope will give you wings, will you fly? 

Faith glides on the winds, take your time 

Love will surely win, hang on tight  

Love, you’ll never lose your light 

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