Civil Dialogue as Procedure, Process and Point in being Salt & Light in the Public Square: Giving Worth to the Imago Dei


The essence of relations between people is communication. In March 2015 I wrote can article on how civil dialogue should be the procedure, process and point for Christians living as salt and light of the world in the public square, such a paradigm being grounded in and motivated by a respect for the imago dei in every person. The main points to this are as follows:

1. Civil dialogue is conversation between persons in a way which respects every participant and which seeks understanding.

2. The public square is thus the space freely accessible to the local community in which the life of the community occurs–where members of the community dialogue, and where truth and wisdom ought to prevail for justice and righteousness to flourish.

3. We can be salt and light in or with the public square:

  • Public square is a platform to love neighbours by presenting the Christian worldview.
  • Public square is a platform to love neighbours and love ourselves by shaping public matters informed by God’s loving truth, bearing in mind the individual and societal impact of presenting our Christian worldview in the public square.
  • Public square is a platform for loving neighbours in deed.Civil dialogue should be our procedure, process and point.

4. The ethics of dialogue is just as important as the subject matter of the dialogue.

Check out the full article here.