Workshop: Discipling People of Different Cultures

Hear about the journeys and lessons of this missional couple who have spent the past 14 years sharing the Gospel with, and discipling, people of various cultural groups, from ethnic minorities & majorities in Central and East Asia to the cultural melting pot that is Western Melbourne, including migrants and refugees from across the 10/40 window.

30 January 2016 (Sat), 2-5pm
Yio Chu Kang Chapel, Bethany Room
242 Yio Chu Kang Road S545671
RSVP by 23 Jan 2016:

Who is this for?

– Christians passionate for Jesus but dissatisfied or disconnected with traditional expressions of Christianity.- Followers of Jesus who want to be more fruitful in the harvest and have a burden to reach out to other cultural groups.

– Frustrated Apostles, Prophets and Evangelists that struggle to find their fit in structures geared more for Teachers and Pastors.

Who are Scott and Sarah C?

Scott shares: “After 10 years in Eastern and Central Asia, Sarah and I relocated to Western Melbourne 4 years ago under Praxeis. This region is characterised by high unemployment, crime rates and domestic violence. There are migrants and asylum seekers from many different cultures and countries – every continent and major religion is represented in significant numbers. The population is highly unchurched and generally hostile to traditional expressions of Christianity. However, there is openness to and hunger for Jesus.

Our focus in Western Melbourne is fulfilling the Great Commission. We pray and seek God knowing that nothing lasting will happen apart from Him. We seek spiritually hungry and open people, sow the Gospel into their existing networks and disciple those who respond in a way that is reproducible and easy for them to replicate amongst their own networks and the people God brings to them. Churches emerge organically out of these networks.

Increasingly we have a regional role equipping, coaching and supporting pastors and groups who have a burden to do the same thing in their areas, but struggle to cross the cultural divide or help people engage with Jesus who are hostile or ambivalent towards traditional church.

We will be sharing some of the things we have learned through many years of cross-cultural mission, wrestling with Scripture and culture, and a lot of trial and error. Specifically:

1. a Biblical framework for viewing Christian culture, the Gospel, and non-Christian cultures;
2. a basic roadmap for moving towards effective evangelism and discipleship which results in reproducing disciples and churches;
3. some empowering practical tools to get you started in your own context, and will help you empower those you begin to disciple.
Our prayer is that this time would be a launchpad for you to work with God in His harvest field with greater confidence and fruitfulness.”

Outline of Workshop

1. God’s vision & heartbeat – restoring His Kingdom through Discipleship
2. What’s Old is New: (re-)Emergence of discipleship movements in the last thirty years
3. Returning to Basics: Kingdom vs Culture
4. A Helpful Road Map for Effective Discipleship – Four Fields + Father’s Heart
5. Getting practical
a. Reading Traffic Lights – God’s Story (‘the Gospel’)
b. Partnering with God – People Map
c. 1 Minute Testimony & Gospel

Further Reading

– Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale (easy to read, mostly stories, but very good)
– What Jesus Started by Steve Addison (more towards academic, still quite readable)

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