Book Summary: “Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter J Williams”

Summary Introduction

This is a summary of this book by New Testament scholar Peter J Williams.  

This book addresses the following: 

  1. Is there evidence to believe the Gospels?
  2. Should we accept them as historically accurate? 
  3. What evidence is there that the recorded events actually happened?
  4. What is the evidence from non-Christian sources? 
  5. How do we explain different accounts of the same events in the gospels?
  6. How were the texts handed down throughout the centuries?

Watch a lecture by Peter J Williams here:

Here are the links to the chapter summaries:

Ch 1: Non-Christian Sources
Ch 2: What Are The Four Gospels?
Ch 3: Did the Gospel Authors Know Their Stuff?
Ch 4: Undesigned Coincidences
Ch 5: Do We Have Jesus’s Actual Words?
Ch 6: Has the Text Changed?
Ch 7: What about Contradictions?
Ch 8: Who Would Make All This Up?

The summary is written by Ryan Loh and myself. 

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